Technical Information

Deepfreeze Refrigerants Inc. manufactures a complete line of premium hydrocarbon refrigerant products, under the registered Trade Name DURACOOL®.

DURACOOL® products were specifically designed as drop-in replacements for Ozone Depleting CFCs and HCFCs.

DURACOOL 12a®, the first of our refrigerant line, was designed to replace CFC-12 (R-12) and is also a replacement for the non-ozone depleting (but Global Warming) HFC-134a (R-134a).

Subsequently, we developed DURACOOL 22a® as a replacement for HCFC-22 (R-22), and most recently DURACOOL 12A•YF as a replacement for R1234YF.

DURACOOL Refrigerants Inc. is committed to developing new products, all of which are intended to be drop-in replacements for present environmentally unfriendly refrigerants, and to minimize (or even eliminate) the need to retrofit.

DURACOOL® products are the ENVIRONMENTAL ALTERNATIVE. They are made from natural, organic products.

DURACOOL® products are safe to use, as directed, and adds life and performance to air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment.


Duracool® is manufactured in Ontario, Canada. Quality Control is our over-riding goal, and we offer comprehensive technical and back up service. Our packaging is state of the art, with full compliance with all regulations.


Yes, DURACOOL® products are safe to use, as directed. Like all hydrocarbons, DURACOOL® products are flammable, but there is an enormous difference between “flammability” issues and “safety” issues. We all utilize flammable products every day of our lives. Such products include gasoline, natural gas, hair spray, barbecue lighter fluid, cigarette lighters, and numerous household aerosol cleaners, disinfectants, and insect repellents. Proper adherence to directions and common sense eliminate the dangers associated with improper or negligent use of those materials.

Unlike many new alternative refrigerants, DURACOOL® products are non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

There are many Risk Assessment studies, carried out world-wide by scientists and institutions whose credentials are above reproach, that recognize the safety and wisdom of using hydrocarbon refrigerants. Such studies cover the full range of uses and applications of hydrocarbon refrigerants. Many countries, particularly in Europe, have recognized this safety, and have embraced hydrocarbon technology, often in preference to many of established refrigerants.

Hydrocarbon refrigerants are clean, safe and environmentally friendly.


Yes DURACOOL® products are not only NON-OZONE DEPLETING, but are also NON-GLOBAL WARMING. HFC-134a is a Global Warming substance, with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1300 (or 3200, by Greenpeace calculations and publications).

DURACOOL® products are made exclusively from natural, organic material, and are environmentally friendly.


DURACOOL® products, and DURACOOL 12a® in particular, have been tested and demonstrated to operate even more efficiently than CFC R-12, and significantly more efficiently than HFC-134a. We have recorded energy savings of up to 35%, and increased longevity to air-conditioning systems and components.

DURACOOL 22a® has also been proven to operate efficiently and effectively in R-22 systems. DURACOOL® products will result not only in cost savings, but also in reduced repairs and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.