DURACOOL Refrigerants guarantees that DURACOOL® products will perform as efficient refrigerants, and will not harm any air-conditioning or refrigeration components and equipment if used in accordance with the manufacturers directions and instructions.

Differences Between Duracool and HFC-134a

Negligible Global Warming Potential (GWP) = 8Global Warming
-GWP=1300 (USEPA)
-GWP=3200 (Greenpeace)
Non-Ozone DepletingNon-Ozone Depleting
Organic materials onlySynthetic, man-made chemicals
Compatible with mineral & synthetic oilsOperates with Synthetic oils ONLY.Not compatible with Mineral oils.Synthetic oils are highly hygroscopic.
Energy EfficientEnergy inefficient, even compared with CFC-12
Non-corrosiveHFC-134a SDS sheets disclose:“Contact with certain metals (aluminum..zinc..) may cause a violent reaction or explosion”
“Incompatible..[with].. freshly abraded aluminum (may cause strong exothermic reactions).”
Lower operating head pressureHigh operating head pressure, even compared with CFC-12
Non-ToxicHFC-134a SDS sheets disclose:“This product is harmful by inhalation” and
“this product may cause cardiac sensitization” and
“Hazardous Decomposition Products: halogens, halogen acids, and possibly carbonyl halides, such as phosgene. These are toxic and corrosive”. and
“Individuals with pre-existing diseases of the central nervous system or cardiovascular system may have increased susceptibility to the toxicity of excessive exposures.”
Adds life to air-conditioning and refrigeration equipmentExtensive evidence of multiple equipment (particularly compressors) failures.

DURACOOL 12a® requires approximately 35% of the charge, by weight, of CFC-12 (R-12), and the charge, by weight of HFC-134a (R-134a).

DURACOOL 22a® require only 40% of the charge, by weight, of R-22 and R-502, respectively.


6 ounce can approximately 17 ounces of CFC-12 (R-12) and of HFC-134a.
30# refrigerant cylinder containing 12 pounds approximately 34 lbs of CFC-12 (R-12) or 30 pounds of HFC-134a.
30# refrigerants cylinder containing 12 pounds approximately 30 pounds HCFC-22 (R-22).