Installing Duracool 12a

Installing Duracool® 12a Refrigerant into an Empty Mobile A/C System.

Examine the can tapper to confirm that the piercing pin is fully retracted  (turn handle counter clockwise). With the ENGINE OFF connect a can of Duracool® Refrigerant to the can tapper end of the charging hose, do not over tighten the connection.  Connect the quick connector to the low side service port on the vehicle.  System pressure should read approximately zero P.S.I.  Turn the can tapper valve handle in to puncture the can (turn handle clockwise) with the can inverted (Can Up Side Down), open the can tapper valve (turn handle counter clockwise) to release the contents of the can into the vehicle.  Maintain the can in the inverted position and examine the system for any major leaks, wait ten minutes for system pressures to stabilize. The gauge reading at this point may be in excess of 50 P.S.I. as the system is not running. Record this pressure reading.  With the can and charging hose secure and positioned away from any moving parts such as belts and pulley’s start the engine and turn the air‐conditioning system to the coldest setting, set blower fan speed to low with the system set on recirculate. Temperatures are recorded from the center vent.  Observe the pressuregauge on the charging hose, the reading should be less than the previous recorded reading. In the event that the pressure reading has not dropped at this point it may be an indication that the compressor’s magnetic clutch has not engaged and further diagnostics are required.  Close the valve on the can tapper (turn handle clockwise), In the event that the compressor clutch is cycling observe the gauge and close the can tapper valve just before the compressor cycles off and the pressure begins to rise.  The pressure should be in the blue area of the gauge ( between 25 & 45 P.S.I ) if the reading is below this or the compressor clutch is cycling rapidly, additional refrigerant is required.  Disconnect the quick connector from the vehicle low side pressure service port.  With the charging hose pointed away from any person or object slowly open the can tapper valve to release any residual pressure in the can.  Remove the can from the can tapper and dispose in accordance with local regulations.  If additional refrigerant is required attach a new can of Duracool® refrigerant to the can tapper.  Connect the quick connector to the vehicles low side service port.  With the can inverted turn the can tapper valve handle in to puncture the can (turn handle clockwise).  Open the can tapper valve slowly to release the refrigerant into the system and observe the pressure gauge, the gauge may move into the red zone as refrigerant travels from the can into the system.  Periodically during the charging procedure ( every two to three seconds ) close the can tapper valve and observe the low side system pressure. Do not allow the low side system pressure ( reading with the can tap per valve closed ) to exceed 45 P.S.I.. Pressures in excess of 65 P.S.I. may cause damage to the compressor. If additional refrigerant is required repeat the steps listed above for each additional can of Duracool® Refrigerant or Duracool® A/C Solutions as required.

When charging the air‐conditioning system the radiator / condenser cooling fans must be running. The cooling fans are generally controlled by both engine heat and air conditioning demand. If the fans are not running you will not be able to successfully charge your air conditioning system. 

After charging the system the vehicle should be taken for a minimum of a 15 minute road test, vent temperatures should reduce ( get colder ) at highway speeds. It is normal for the air blowing from the vents to increase in temperature when stopped and idling.

Systems must be charged with the cans inverted (upside down) .

If the compressor is cycling the pressure reading on the gauge may peak into the red zone when the compressor switches off and the system pressures begin to equalize, this is a normal function of the system, the needle on the gauge will show a decrease in pressure when the compressor starts back up.

For additional technical support call the Duracool® Toll Free Technical support line at 1‐888‐463‐2665 during regular business hours eastern standard time Monday to Friday – holiday’s excluded