Duracool® 12a Refrigerant Application Guide

Duracool Refrigerants have a wide range of application.
One of the most common use is in the (MVAC) Mobile Air-Conditioning Industry.
This sector includes passenger cars and light trucks, commercial vehicles, reefers, industrial machinery, construction equipment as well as the agriculture and farming industries. Currently the world is once again searching for an alternate refrigerant to R-134a that is commonly used in mobile air-conditioning. Since R-134a was introduced over a time span from 1993 to 1994 the industry has found that R-134a will become corrosive when it combines with moisture, and has a high leak rate due to its small molecular size. Additionally R-134a operates at much higher head pressures than it's predecessor
CFC-12 as a result of this higher head pressure the equipment is forced to work harder, frequently malfunctions occur as a result of this increased load on the equipment.

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