Duracool® Refrigerants, Duracool® Parts and Accessories, Duracool® A/C Solutions
and Duracool® New A/C Compressors are distributed by Deepfreeze Refrigerants Inc.
Deepfreeze Refrigerants is a long established Canadian company,
Implementing the most efficient and effective refrigeration solutions for our clients.

Deepfreeze Refrigerants is the international supplier of Duracool®,
Premium Hydrocarbon Refrigerants and accessories along with selected speciality
products which are designed by engineers for trade professionals and technicians.

Our company prides itself in being a conscientious corporation, our business
ethics are above reproach and we have an undaunted respect for the environment,

Our Formula Never Changes
Duracool®, Is The Premium Hydrocarbon Refrigerant

  • First time offered
  • Exciting technology
  • Territory protection
  • Strong income potential
  • Establish a new business or add a new product line
  • Full product support and training as required

Duracool Refrigerants Inc. is aggressively expanding into the United States and international markets,
we are seeking dedicated and motivated distributors and individuals to build their distribution network throughout these markets. Each master distributor will be licensed to sell the following products

  • Duracool® Refrigerants
  • Duracool® A/C Solutions and Lubricants
  • Duracool® Parts, Accessories, and Installation Tools

At this time Duracool® products are not available in any major retail or department stores nationwide. Duracool Refrigerants Inc. is considered one of the world leaders in Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Technology and is offering a unique opportunity for new distributors.

Selected distributors will be able to nominate a preferred State or region based upon place of
business or existing corporate contacts. A limit of one * distributor per State will apply ensuring
that business opportunities are maximized for each licensed distributor. (*In California, New York,
Texas and Florida up to 2 distributors may be appointed at Duracool's discretion).

As a licensed distributor you will be able to develop your own business the way you want it and build
value in your own business name and structure. You will have access to Duracool's products for sale
at both wholesale and retail levels.

Duracool® will assist in marketing for technical correctness and provide customer support as
requested, Duracool® will have no involvement in the day to day running of your business but will
direct its training and support to product and customer related matters.

Licensed distributors can determine how they wish to develop within their selected State or Territory
and develop their own customer base. There is no limitation on your business selling or distributing.

Distributor agreements will be based on a twelve-month term and subject to finalization of a
legal agreement between the parties. Distributorships will then be renewable after minimum
order requirements are met for that year.

The cost of Duracool® providing the initial product, training and other services listed above to
each distributor will vary depending upon the size of the territory. Preference will be given where
a distributor can demonstrate an ability to service two or more States or Territories.

Duracool® BELIEVES STRONGLY in partnering with companies in local markets to provide
end users with excellent support and service, before and after the sale is made.

We are interested in developing new, long term business relationships with companies interested
in selling and supporting our product lines for specific geographic markets. Duracool® does not
sell direct to end users, only through authorized distributors.

We invite you to contact us for further information and share some basic information about
your current business situation

Contact Duracool Refrigerants Inc. at 1 888 463 2665 or by return email for additional information.