DURACOOL® New A/C Compressors
  • No Core Returns
  • Compressors are OEM Approved
  • New Compressors - Not Rebuilt
  • Duracool® Offers Competitive Pricing
  • Incorporate the latest OEM changes
  • Manufactured in North America
    Under ISO 9001:1994Standards
  • Guaranteed for use with Duracool 12a®,
    CFC-12, and R-134a Refrigerants
     Duracool® New A/C Compressors
     Available for most popular North American and Inports
     Why settle for less when Duracool® can offer you the best ?
Recently we randomly chose and removed a Rebuilt Compressor from a Local Auto Parts outlet.
These photographs of the tear down show with out a doubt that you don't always get what you bargin for.
When we removed the compressor from the box we were astonished that the unit would not even rotate.
Although we didn't reveal the re-builders name you can be certain that this unit had a life expectancy of
just a few weeks if it had in fact been installed on a vehicle. We saved someone a lot of work.

Rust on bearing surfaces, torn seals, and excessive wear on the main shaft were just a few of the problems
we found with this rebuilt compressor. Many rebuilt compressors are know to fail within the fist year after being installed