Duracool® Testimonials

Switching to Duracool has never been easier.
The change over can either be done at your local repair shop or in many cases if you are mechanically
inclined you can do the switch to Duracool® 12a yourself by using our universal recharge kit..
The advantages are obvious when you compare Duracool to R-134a.

An educated customer is always the best customer !

Duracool® Facts

R134a Refrigerant contributes to global warming.

R-134a Refrigerant has been reported to cause tumors.

R-134a Resulted in loss of consciousness in a test subject in tests by the United States Air Force .

R134a Refrigerant becomes extremely corrosive when it combines with moisture in your A/C System.

R134a Refrigerant works at extremely high head pressures, these high head pressures contribute to
air-conditioning failures, especially when older cars using
CFC-12 are retrofitted to R134a.

Naturally we are extremely proud of our environmentally friendly refrigerants, and we have had numerous calls and email's from people just like you.
Every owner who contacted us was impressed with the fact that they saved a considerable amount of money by switching to Duracool® and avoiding costly retrofits !

Send us an email and let know how your Keeping Cool With Duracool !

Rob and Cindy from Barrie Ontario

Hello Duracool, I stopped into "Richmond Hill Auto Parts" last weekend and purchased your universal air-conditioning kit. In less than an hour I had my 1984 Olds Cutlass Blowing as cold as Ice.
My Question is why isn't Canadian Tire or UAP Stocking this great item ?
Thank you Duracool ! My mechanic quoted me over $ 5.00.00 to do what he called a retro

BOB from Windsor
Just a quick note to tell you that I made the switch to Duracool and now my trucks air-conditioning that hasn't worked in two years is colder than it's ever been.

To Whom it May Concern
I recently needed to replace the air conditioning compressor on my classic 1986 Lincoln Town Car. This vehicle is something of a special in that it's a show car. Having read favorable reports about "DURACOOL" as an alternate refrigerant that can be used as a direct replacement for R-134a, I decided to try this product. Following the established procedures for charging the system I was impressed with the simplicity of what was involved and most definitely the performance of the system on start up.
Pull down times were shortened and ultimately a cabin vent temperature of 40 degrees F was achieved. This product does everything that the advertisements proclaim ! In my position as an Automotive Consultant I will have no hesitation in recommending Duracool, It performed beyond my expectations and has the added benefits of being non toxic as well as environmentally friendly
Yours Truly
Leo Farnsworth

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