DURACOOL Refrigerants Inc. guarantees that
DURACOOL® products will perform as efficient refrigerants, and will not harm any air-conditioning or refrigeration components and equipment if used in accordance with the manufacturers directions and instructions.

Pressure vs Temperature

DURACOOL 12a® requires only 35% of the charge, by weight, of CFC-12 (R-12), or 40% of the charge, by weight of HFC-134a (R-134a). DURACOOL 22a® and DURACOOL 502a® require only 40% of the charge, by weight, of R-22 and R-502, respectively. This is interpreted as follows:

Negligible Global Warming Potential (GWP) = 8 Global Warming
-GWP=1300 (USEPA)
-GWP=3200 (Greenpeace)
Non-Ozone Depleting Non-Ozone Depleting
Organic materials only Synthetic, man-made chemicals
Compatible with mineral and synthetic oils
  • Operates with Synthetic oils ONLY.
  • Not compatible with Mineral oils.
  • Synthetic oils are highly hygroscopic.
    Energy Efficient Energy inefficient, even compared with CFC-12
      HFC-134a MSDS sheets disclose:
    "Contact with certain metals (aluminum..zinc..) may cause a violent reaction or explosion"
    "Incompatible..[with].. freshly abraded aluminum ( may cause strong exothermic reactions)."
    Lower operating head pressure High operating head pressure, even compared with CFC-12
      HFC-134a MSDS sheets disclose:
    "This product is harmful by inhalation" and
    "this product may cause cardiac sensitization" and
    "Hazardous Decomposition Products: halogens, halogen acids, and possibly carbonyl halides, such as phosgene. These are toxic and corrosive". and
    "Individuals with preexisting diseases of the central nervous system or cardiovascular system may have increased susceptibility to the toxicity of excessive exposures."
    Adds life to air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment Extensive evidence of multiple equipment (particularly compressors) failures.

    DURACOOL® products are extremely efficient.

    DURACOOL 12a®
    6 ounce can = 17 ounces of CFC-12 (R-12) or 15 ounces of HFC-134a.
    30# refrigerant cylinder containing
    12 pounds = 34 lbs of CFC-12 (R-12) or 30 pounds of HFC-134a.
    50# refrigerant cylinder containing
    20 pounds = 57 lbs of CFC-12 (R-12) or 50 pounds of HFC-134a.
    DURACOOL 22a®
    50# refrigerants cylinder containing 20 pounds = 50 pounds HCFC-22 (R-22)
    or 48.5 pounds of HFC-134.
    DURACOOL 502a®
    50# refrigerant cylinder containing 20 pounds = 50 pounds of CFC - 502 (R-502).

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